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Who is ETA??

We are a group of trail riders and horse lovers, just like you, who are committed to improving recreational and competitive trail riding opportunities in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding counties by working with other equine groups, local and state government agencies, and other horse and trail advocates.


ETA was established in 2018 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is staffed only by volunteers. We are funded through memberships, donations, fund raising events and grants.         


 To protect and expand equine trails that enrich the health of people, horses, land and the economy of Louisville and surrounding counties. 


A connected, well maintained equine trail system that supports recreational and competitive riding in Louisville and surrounding counties.


EDUCATION:  Raise awareness of equestrian recreational and competitive trail riding as a sport that improves health and brings individuals and families together for outdoor fun and fitness.  Promote the long history of horses in the Louisville area and improve access to horses for all people who want to learn more about them.

COLLABORATION: Develop relationships with land managers, user groups, equestrians, corporations and others, and form partnerships to ensure continuous and responsible use and maintenance of equine and all trails on public and private land.

ACCESS: Improve access to public and private land and trail systems including fair and reasonable access to the Louisville Loop. Increase connectivity between existing and future equestrian trails.

  Who Maintains The Trails We Ride???


It may surprise you, but most trails on public lands are maintained, in large part, by volunteers. ETA organizes volunteers and works with local agencies to help clear and maintain equestrian trails. We need your  help!  Please come volunteer at our next trail work day. Together we can make a difference!

 ETA conducts trail work days at Iroquois Park, Jefferson Memorial Forest and McNeely Lake Park. Already for 2021 our contributions are valued at $14,734.21.

Want To Have Fun With Your Horse 

And Meet New Friends?

Come participate in fun-filled equestrian events and competitions hosted by ETA!  We're growing and so is our list of events.  In 2020 ETA will host obstacle competitions, clinics, youth events and more!  Events offered by Equine Trail Sports are a great way to meet new friends, enjoy your horse and improve your horsemanship skills! Events hosted by ETA are always family-friendly and open to all equine breeds and riding disciplines.  Come have fun with us!


Hello!  I'm Denise O'Meara, President of Equine Trail Advocates. Thank you for your interest in ETA and for visiting our website. I invite you to meet the Board of Directors and to contact any of us if you have questions, suggestions or need information about ETA.