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2022 Membership:  Just a reminder that ETA membership runs annually, expiring on December 31st of each year.  If you haven't yet joined or renewed your membership for 2022 now is the time, simply click on the JOIN & DONATE tab above or call Shelley Antle at 502-407-9752. 

Election of Officers Nov 8th 2022: Interested in helping shape the future and direction of ETA?  The election for ETA officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) will be held on Nov 8th. We have several new members and a lot of talented people in our organization. Please consider running for one of these volunteer positions in November.  Duties of these positions generally only require a few hours of your time each month and meetings are conveniently attended from your home via ZOOM. Nominations are now open! 

Equine Liability Insurance: Does your homeowner's policy protect you and your family from financial loss in the event your horse, mule or pony hurts someone or damages someone's property? It's probably a question worth asking your insurance agent. Even well trained horses can become frightened and out of control given the right situation. If you're not protected by your current insurance policy, or don't feel you have sufficient coverage, check out the Kentucky Horse Council's website. With an annual membership of only $45 for an individual, or $70 for a family, you receive $1Million Personal Excess Liability Insurance policy. Be sure to select the membership option that reads WITH insurance.    

Pegasus Parade:  The 2022 Pegasus Parade was a blast!! Eighteen (18) ETA members participated in the parade including ETA banner carriers, safety walkers, sign carriers and riders. It was a day full of smiles...and lots of wind! The 2022 parade theme was "Loving Louisville" and buiding on that, ETA highlighted the parks and trails in Louisville that are open to equestrians. A big thanks to Nina Morris, our Parade Committee Chairwoman, Heather Pitts, Tammi Thomas, Roxy Reed, and so many others for organizing and participating in this event!

More Parades:  If you're interested in participating in other parades with ETA, let us know! There are several other local parades coming up this year and we are considering doing one or two of them. 

Tail Work Days: LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!!! Our next trail work day will be at McNeely Lake Park-South on 22 Oct 2022, 9:30 - 11:30 am. Lunch and music will be provided for volunteers in the main park area by CM Peden. More details are in the event tab on our fb page. Please know your volunteer efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Report Your Trail Maintenance to ETA: You're probably like many of us trail riders who clip limbs, clear fallen branches and pack out other people's trash when you ride without ever giving it much thought. Each time you do something like that, you're actually doing trail maintenance. Because we so often do that work individually, and not as part of an organized group, land managers don't realize how much effort riders put into helping maintain horse trails. We need your help to capture that information and show land managers that we care about our horse trails and we're out there making a difference, even if it's quietly. All you need to do is complete the fillable form at this link         and e-mail it to">, or simply send us an e-mail with your name, the place where you did trail work and the number of hours you worked.  


In 2021, ETA's work to maintain trails and facilities in Metro Parks and West Point was valued at $17,887.01!! Most of the focus in 2021 was at Iroquois Park; however, work was also performed on trails at Jefferson Memorial Forest, McNeely Lake Park and West Point. Over the year, 45 ETA members and other volunteers worked 325.5 hours, donating labor and equipment, valued at $12,023.60. In addition, ETA spent $5, 643 to replace the old cable fence between the trail and Iroquois Golf Course, and paid $220.41 for paint and materials for other repairs at Iroquois Park.  THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!!


Cable Fence Replacement: ETA is beyond thrilled to announce that we completed the project to replace the dangerous, metal cable fence that ran between the golf course and horse/hiking trail at Iroquois Park with a board fence. ETA has been working on this initiative for over a year, fundraising, planning and negotiating with the various stake holders. We're so excited to have finally completed this project which makes the trails safer and more attractive for all trail users, and golfers as well. Six hundred and twenty-seven feet (627') of fence was installed at a cost of $5,643. Thanks to everyone who contributed money and time to this project!

Round Pen: With the exception of a couple of boards that need to be replaced, repairs on the round pen at the equestrian trailhead have been completed and the round pen is available for your use. ETA replaced the damaged drainage system, re-graded the sand footing, repaired the fence and added a gate to the round pen. Please remember to close the gate after you use the round pen.

Restroom Repair:  ETA cleaned, repaired and painted the restrooms inside the barn so they can be used for events at the equestrian center (requires a Special Use Permit approved by Metro Parks). ETA used the restrooms for two events held last summer, the Youth Horsemanship Program and the Equine Trail Sports competition.

Paddock Clean Up: In the paddock area behind the barn, ETA removed all the old electric fencing, requested forestry to remove a very large fallen tree, and asked grounds keeping to mow the paddock. All has been done.

Debris Removal: ETA volunteers did a general clean up and removal of debris and timber all around the equestrian trailhead and barn area.

Repair of Access Road and Parking Area: Rock was provided by Metro Parks and heavy equipment was brought in by ETA volunteers to repair the access road and parking area that runs from the road to the arena, then extends right to the large parking lot. That area was full of pot holes and rutted areas. Our volunteers did a fantastic job of repairing that entire area and making it safer for horse trailers to travel on.

Clear Culverts:  Debris had collected in, and was clogging, the culverts beside the trail near #9 tee at the golf course. Since the water could not flow through the culverts, it has been gushing over the trail and has caused significant erosion. Metro Parks said the culverts needed to be cleaned out before they would come out to assess the damage and evaluate a solution. ETA volunteers again rose to the challenge and, on a pretty muddy day, removed all the debris to clear the culverts. We are awaiting word from Metro Parks on the plan for repair.

Trail Repair: Volunteers hauled rock to repair one of the areas on the trail that stays muddy most of the year, especially in the winter and spring. After repairing the area, it was top dressed with manufactured sand to provide safe footing for all trail users.

Additional Projects Pending: 1) replace roof on the barn before large holes cause further damage, 2) replace damaged boards and paint the arena fence and announcer's stand, 3) replace the rocking bridge in the area that has become unserviceable 4) preserve and paint the historic old water trough that now stands near the wash rack, 5) repair the hitching posts at the wash rack, 6) restore and landscape the area around the flag pole where the LMPD monument sits. The cost of the pending projects is significant. ETA has spent $5,643 to replace the old cable fence, and unfortunately funding is not available through Metro Parks at this time, so we need your help! With the help of volunteers like yourself, ETA has already made significant progress on repairs to the arena and round pen, but there is much more to be done!  ETA is committed to keeping your horse trails safe and equestrian facilities usable. We are working hard to raise the funds needed for these and other projects. Please DONATE NOW!!




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