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2023 Membership:  Just a reminder that ETA membership runs annually, expiring on December 31st of each year.  If you haven't yet joined or renewed your membership for 2023 now is the time, simply click on the JOIN & DONATE tab above or call Shelley Antle at 502-407-9752. Remember ETA members get a discount on all ETA events!

Tail Work Days: LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!!!  We had our first 2023 work day on April 30 at Iroquois Park. Thanks to those who came out and worked on that rainy day.  We have two more trail work days planned. Please know your volunteer efforts are noticed and appreciated. 

  Sep 10th   11:00 am    McNeely Lake Park - South (Meet at the horse trailer parking area)

  Nov 5th     1:00 pm     Jefferson Memorial Forest - Paul Yost (Meet at the Paul Yost parking area)

2023 Buckle Series Events:  Everyone had a blast at the Fun Show (the first event in the buckle series)! We are rapidly gearing up for the second event which will be an Obstacle Competition on June 17th, and the third event will be another Open Fun Show on Sep 17th.  All competitions will be held at the Iroquois Park Equestrian Arena, and all are family-friendly equestrian events. We welcome all ages, disciplines and breeds. Well behaved stallions are also welcome. Prizes will be awarded for 1st place and ribbons will be awarded to 1st - 5th place.  For full details and registration go to                          .  The qualifying high point earner for the series will receive a beautiful, specially designed belt buckle. You won't want to miss this!! Note: Riders can enter any (or all) event(s) without participating in the buckle series, if they wish.

Grant Approved for Iroquois Park Equestrian Area:  Exciting News!! For quite some time ETA has been working on a grant to rebuild the equestrian arena and round pen, build a mounting block at the trailhead, add mounting blocks along the trail and replace the broken training bridge in the arena at Iroquois Park. On 15 Dec CM Kevin Triplett notified us that the Appropriations Committee approved $19,500 for these projects! CM Triplett contributed $10K and together, council members from other districts contributed the other $9.5K. ETA would like to publicly thank the Metro Council, and especially CM Triplett for sponsoring this grant and his work to achieve the funding support. We’d also like to thank all the other council members who contributed funds so generously. Mounting blocks have already been purchased and work to replace the existing arena and round pen fencing, as well as the gates, is scheduled to begin in August 2023. ETA expects to complete all funded work by this Fall. 

Election of Directors in Nov 2023:  Interested in helping shape the future and direction of ETA?  The election for ETA Directors at large will be held in November. We have several new members and a lot of talented people in our organization. Please consider running for one of these volunteer positions; nominations will open in October.  These positions generally only require a few hours of your time each month and our ZOOM meetings can be attended from anywhere via your phone or pc. 

Equine Liability Insurance: Does your homeowner's policy protect you and your family from financial loss in the event your horse, mule or pony hurts someone or damages someone's property? It's probably a question worth asking your insurance agent. Even well trained horses can become frightened and out of control given the right situation. If you're not protected by your current insurance policy, or don't feel you have sufficient coverage, check out the Kentucky Horse Council's website. With an annual membership of only $45 for an individual, or $70 for a family, you receive $1Million Personal Excess Liability Insurance policy. Be sure to select the membership option that reads WITH insurance.    

Report Your Trail Maintenance to ETA: You're probably like many of us trail riders who clip limbs, clear fallen branches and pack out other people's trash when you ride without ever giving it much thought. Each time you do something like that, you're actually doing trail maintenance. Because we so often do that work individually, and not as part of an organized group, land managers don't realize how much effort riders put into helping maintain horse trails. We need your help to capture that information and show land managers that we care about our horse trails and we're out there making a difference, even if it's quietly. All you need to do is complete the fillable form at this link         and e-mail it to">, or simply send us an e-mail with your name, the place where you did trail work and the number of hours you worked.  

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